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SMRT Corporation (SGX: S53) is a public transport operator incorporated on March 6, 2000, as a result of an industry overhaul to form multi-modal public-transport operators in Singapore.
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 As a holding company listed on the Singapore Exchange since July 26, 2000, it operates busrailtaxi and other public-transport services via several wholly owned subsidiaries.

In addition, the Group leases commercial and advertising spaces within the transport network it operates and engages in operations and maintenance services, project management and engineering consultancy in Singapore and overseas.

SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) is Singapore’s premier multi-modal land transport provider. Our core businesses are in rail operations, maintenance and engineering as well as in bus, taxi and automotive services. Complementing these are our integrated businesses in retail, media and marketing, as well as properties and retail management.

We are committed to Service and Business Excellence as we strive towards our vision of “Moving People, Enhancing Lives”.

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